Where to start, and what am I doing here?

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Where to start, and what am I doing here?


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Many years ago, when I just started out as a junior software developer, I started a blog as a way to document my learnings and hopefully benefit others.

Whilst that is technically still live, I never really maintained it, and it has laid dormant for years, other than me periodically moving it from host to host. Many of the posts are now out of date. Surprisingly, a few on the subject of WPF are still getting regular visits. [Update: I have now migrated those old pages to here].

At some point, I always wanted to get back to it, and now feels like the right time. I have spent 15 years designing, developing and releasing software, and am still always learning something new, finding new tips and tricks and improving on my knowledge. Now, maybe it's time to document and share those things I have learned on my journey, just in case someone else may find it useful.

In software development, there is often no single correct way to do things, and differing ideas and styles can sometimes lead to quite heated debates about what is and isn't good practice, and as in life, we often have choices to make based on the circumstances we find ourselves in. We will always make mistakes, and if there's ever a developer that looks back on something they have done previously and doesn't find anything they could have improved, I'd happily show you a liar. There is always scope to learn, scope to grow, and scope to explore new concepts.

The first thing I plan to do is create a series of technical walkthroughs with the ultimate aim of making a 'to-do list' application.

Yes, this has been done multiple times before, and no, I don't plan on doing it the 'correct' way. Instead, I aim to throw in a wide range of different tools, technologies, and concepts showing differing ideas and different approaches to the problem. I will also aim to discuss benefits and drawbacks of the approaches I am taking. Finally, the aim is to use some technologies I am comfortable with (it will start as a C#/Net6 API) and also some I have not used much or at all before, so I'll be learning as I go.

Hopefully, at the end of it, I'll have something I'm proud of. No, not the application, there will almost certainly be better options out there for that, but the journey and the knowledge that I have gained and shared. I'll also no doubt add other either related, or unrelated articles and posts as I go.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all.

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